Great Pizza with
Special Recipes

Authentic Italian Pizza Singapore

Kneading, Opening, Topping, Baking, Sounds Super Easy!

It’s all about Expertise, Passion, Freshly prepared ingredients. We are proud to say we serve one of the best thin-crust pizzas in Singapore. Taste it once and you will crave it again & again.

That’s how we build our trust, Consistency in quality.

Chef Recommended Pizzas

Al Borgo

Half folded Pizza was a late comer to our menu but it’s a success, with the creamy Bufala cheese & shrimps in the folded part & home-made sausages, rocket & cherry tomatoes on the open side. Aroma of truffle oil makes this dish sensational.

Rucola & Prosciutto di Parma

Nothing beats the simplicity & colourfulness of this Margherita topped with slices of Prosciutto di Parma ham, rocket, cherry tomatoes & Parmesan Cheese.

Beef Pizza

White based pizza dough topped with mozzarella , thin slices of beef tenderloin , juicy porcini mushrooms , Truffle cream & of course the cherry tomatoes.

What Should Expect A Good Pizza

Base & Sauces

We prepare our dough with Italian flour which has the euro standards & Our sauce is prepared daily from Napolitan tomatoes & fresh basil.


Fresh Mozzarella cheese from Puglia topped with fresh daily chopped & prepared toppings
Whether it’s the all time’s favourite 4 Seasons Pizza “Q Stagioni” or it’s the Home-made Sausage Pizza “Salisiccia”.

Baking Skill

Our Pizza dough gets fermented on its yeast for 48 hours which makes it very easy to digest & no feeling of thirst after having Al Borgo’s Pizza.

Read our menu to get more pizza options, let's pizzzzzzas!